The activities that the Firm is able to guarantee to its customers, both domestic and foreign, with continuous assistance 24 hours a day.

The particular sectors in which its members have gained significant experience and developed particular skills.

The entire integrated range of legal services to deal with any type of problem connected to the exercise of business activities.

Practice Areas


Through the integration with the firms’ internal legal offices, our firm provides consultancy and assures its own competences and support in order : (i) to establish a new company or a joint venture; (ii) to conceive shareholder’s agreement and to find governance balance; (iii) to execute all social fulfilments concerning the administration of account books and all fulfilments connected to firms belonging to multinational companies; (iv) to take part in council meetings and assemblies ; (v) to make transactions on share capital; (vi) to assist firms with dissolution and liquidation. Our firm executes all that is necessary for the arrangement and sharing of agreements among the dealers involved in different languages and for a possible finalization.

Commercial law and contracts

Among our activities: Agreements concerning the relationships with the partners; Agreements concerning the relationships with members of the board of directors – Agreements concerning the relationships with general managers – Agreements concerning the relationships with the notary indicated by companies- Agreements concerning the relationships with the notary – Agreements concerning the relationships with the Chamber of Commerce – Agreements concerning the relationships with the AAMS – Social agreements –Sole director’s social agreements – Organization of shareholder and Board of Directors meetings – Personnel management – Relationships with colleagues – Partners’ contractual profiles – Financing and retraction’ contractual profiles – Legal set of reports to auditor firms – Due Diligence drawing up of Spanish quotation – Due Diligence drawing up of Bond issue – Due Diligence for probable partners – Fiscal profiles of slot activities –Transactions on big disputes – Activation and management Data room for Due Diligence on behalf of a third party – Privacy matters – Law 231 matters – Acquisitions – Company transfers – Corporate restructurings.

Particular operations

Our firm gives assistance with the conclusion of acquisition operations relative to firms, branches of firms and shareholdings, as well as fusion and division operations, taking care of the relative fulfilments with the competent authorities. The activity concerns the preparing of letters of intents, exclusive and non-disclosure agreements, due diligence, transfer agreements, shareholder agreements, options, relationships with counter-party, relationships with notaries, increases, reductions and variations of capital. In particular, among the particular activities: Exclusive agreement – Non-disclosure agreement – Opening of a secondary head office in Italy – Assistance for inspection of Finance Guard – Joint venture – Transfer of enterprise, agreement, letter of intent – Transfer of part of an enterprise – Financing agreement for acquisition – Acquisition agreements – Co-determination agreements – Call option agreement – Put option agreement – Shareholders’ agreement – Founding of a joint venture with a non-resident partner for financial services in Italy – Founding of a subsidiary – Founding of real estate funds – – Due diligence tax and legal – Joint venture agreement for import/export of materials Italy/ Latin America – Lease-back, transfer of properties, transfer within the EC, properties mortgage, leasing rents and deduction – Legal due diligence – Letter of intent – Shareholders’ agreements – Pledge on current account – Opinions by experts and evaluations of firms and shareholdings – Stock option plans – Securitization project – Project for the founding of real estate funds– Division – Conversion.


Our firm offers assistance for a precise and rational administration in the areas of civil and commercial litigation. With a particular reference to the so-called “recurrent” litigation both judicially and extrajudicially, our firm aims at the integration and coordination with internal legal firms. Our preventive activity is finalized to focus on debtor’s credit rating and to a prognosis for debt collection which has for object balance sheets, Company’s Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce, current accounts, property assets, debtor’s movable and immovable properties.

Once we have delineated the most effective and efficient collect strategy in terms of time and money, our firm ensures a reliable extrajudicial protection, the judicial debt collection as far as the execution and judicial foreclosure of debtor’s properties and the consequent bankruptcy proceedings. Our firm offers a preventive legal assistance for debtor’s notice and for the excussion of his property assets in order to organize a solvency plan and to obtain new credit and banking guarantees to cover future risks of insolvency. Our firm carries out judicial, executive and protective procedures thanks to the collaboration, on the whole Italian territory, of qualified and reliable professionals. Our firm offers a perfect collection service thanks to an efficient balance of time and rates through: (i) a proven process of administration and filling of legal files; (ii) a team of qualified professionals with a proven experience in sectors that are rigorously controlled; (iii) an organized and efficient activity of supervising, analysis and evaluation of debtors; (iv) an efficient and timely control system which allows firms to monitor constantly the activity and intervene at any time. Among our activities: Litigation for precontractual liability in case of unjustified withdrawal – Contestation of tax-assessment notice, appeal to Tax Commission, self-protection instance – Declaration and payment of medium-long term financing tax by a community bank with a stable organization in Italy – Contestation of balance sheet – Return instance of value-added tax by non-resident people – Refund instance T.CC.GG ( government concession tax) – RAD forms – Prize operations – Authorization for the opening of a new firm and for the founding of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) –Prosecution and support for the realization of defences. Fraud, Illicit allocation of fictitious profits for accounting of royalty cross border: Royalty. – Voluntary correction of tax return – Claim for refund of government concession tax – Property tax refund – Managing director settlement – Employee settlement.


The professionals of the Firm assure the activity of accounting control through the appointment in boards of statutory auditors or through auditing in companies.

Trade associations

The Firm supports and promotes the business of companies by representing their needs within the trade associations through participation in technical tables and in the comparison between the members and the public sector administrations in the context of meetings and institutional relations. The Firm provides legal support for the associations’ initiatives, also coordinating the managers of the legal offices of the members.

Organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

The Firm takes care of the activities related to the preparation of corporate organizational models, ethical codes and disciplinary systems pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. In addition, the Firm provides support to the supervisory bodies for carrying out specific audit activities, for staff training and for the secretarial functions of the same bodies. Practitioners of the study perform tasks of members of Supervisory Bodies (chairman, member or monocrat).

Business crisis

under construction

Real estate law

The Firm continually assists the ownership of an important commercial center in Rome, taking care of the preparation, the negotiations, the formalization and the subsequent execution phase of all contracts with the individual tenants and addressing and solving the various problems that may arise during the relationship , even with local administrations.

The firm also continuously assists a real estate company that owns numerous commercial properties, taking care of the preparation, negotiations, formalization and subsequent execution of all contracts with individual suppliers and tackling and solving the various problems that may arise during the relationship, even with local administrations and condominiums.

The firm also continuously assists a leading Italian construction company, providing judicial and extrajudicial assistance in matters of competence.

Cinema and Entertainment

The Studio carries out activities in the Cinema and Entertainment sector, putting in place for its client, among others, the following activities:

  • legal assistance specialized in the film and audiovisual sector from the development, financial planning and production up to post-production, marketing and distribution; negotiation and drafting of contracts including:
    • production, acquisition of rights, co-production, sale, distribution, license for cinematographic works and television programs;
    • satellite transmission agreements and cable retransmission;
    • assistance, drafting and presentation of applications for Ministerial, Regional and European funding;
    • management of relationships with national and international partners including co-producers, distributors, financiers, licensees and sponsors;
    • assistance for national and international litigation, also aimed at the protection of works and debt collection;
  • assistance in the preparation and implementation of each fulfillment by the competent Administrations, including:
    • registration with S.I.A.E., I.M.A.I.E., A.F.I. and S.C.F .;
    • seen censorship;
    • MiBAC.

under construction


The Studio Professionals have gained experience in the fashion industry, carrying out consultancy activities for established companies producing clothing, offering support both in relationships with customers and suppliers, both in relationships with other operators in the fashion world and with the institutions , both in the activity of import-export, as well as for the recovery of credits, and perform, among other things, the following activities:

  • management support for the development of distribution channels in Italy and abroad, also through the creation of joint ventures with local partners regulated, among other things, by shareholders’ agreements, supply agreements and use licenses;
  • management support in the stipulation of contracts with customers and suppliers and in the management of the pathological moments of such relationships, as in all cases in which it is necessary to terminate the contractual obligation in advance or to manage non-compliance situations out of court;
  • management support in the stipulation of advertising contracts and in relations with the testimonials of the advertising campaigns and clothing lines proposed;
  • management support for the protection of the image of the company and for the management of relations with third parties in charge of disseminating this image to the outside (for example, the press office);
  • orderly, rational and economic management of the litigation, both extrajudicial and judicial, so as to ensure a systematic and efficient management, which always takes into account the relationship between costs and benefits for the company;
  • management of litigation with public institutions deriving from the application of specific and particularly relevant regulations for the sector, such as those concerning import-export and those relating to the use of the trademark;
  • advice on employment relations.

All activities are accompanied by real-time reporting and periodic reporting that is, however, used in meetings with management aimed at providing a complete picture of the situations managed and the results obtained and aimed at planning the most appropriate strategies to deal with. the new needs related to any particular situations.

Activities in the Association

  • Administrative – Sports
  • Banking (assistance to banks, financial and … for regulatory compliance)
  • Work
  • Business
  • Strategies

The Firm provides in partnership with external professionals of absolute value and experience, legal assistance on issues related to banking and financial law, with particular regard to structured finance transactions such as securitisations, derivative contracts, project financing as well as the completion of compliance sector and the relationship with the public control authorities such as the Bank of Italy, Isvap etc.

Labor and social security law

The Firm provides, in partnership with external professionals of absolute value and experience, legal assistance in matters of labor law and social security with particular regard to the termination of employment relationships with employees / collaborators and industrial relations.

Business organization

The Firm takes care of the activities related to the preparation of corporate organizational models, ethical codes and disciplinary systems pursuant to Legislative Decree 232/2001. In addition, the Firm provides support to the supervisory bodies for carrying out specific audit activities, for staff training and for the secretarial functions of the same bodies. Practitioners of the study perform tasks of members of Supervisory Bodies (chairman, member or monocrat)

Administrative - Sports

In addition to the administrative activities inherent mainly the issues related to the regulatory gaming regulations as specifically indicated in the relevant section, the firm’s professionals hold positions in the Arbitration Board – National Amateur League – FGCI, as well as in the Federal Court of Appeals Italian Sports Medical Federation.