The firm essentially provides legal services to firms and it makes available to the management the commitment and the necessary competence of a small group of young professionals that is well tested and used to practicing its legal profession in an effective and punctual way, supporting the investment.
The experience that is made available has been achieved in sectors that are strongly controlled and in continuous evolution, such as the public games one.
Whoever wants to invest capital from a foreign country, can find in our team the complete trust, competence and support for the planning and the management of an Italian business project.
Whoever intends to expand a firm abroad can find in our team the right trust, competence and support to lay the foundations, start and develop a business in a foreign country.
In any event our target is to work alongside the management in order to solve daily legal issues and establish a long-lasting relationship based on tailored solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our firm started in 2004 from an idea of Geronimo Cardia, after about ten years of collaboration at the international solicitor’s firm Ughi and Nunziante.

A group of professionals now contribute to the development of the firm, Valeria Sidari is one of them, trying to understand and satisfy any legal and commercial requirements by Italian and foreign operators in commerce. Our professionals are expert in different sectors but they co-operate to grant a global result. The firm has specialized departments: legal aid to firms, contentious procedures, assistance to supervisory bodies of societies, competition procedures and technical advices for the Law Court in Rome. Since 2004 our firm has been developing a qualified competence in some sectors that are regulated by specific rules, the most important is that of public games (slot machines, video lottery terminals, Bingo halls, betting, on-line games).