Our professionals have been trained obtained on the public games sector and particularly on Bingo, Slot machines, VLT, betting and on line games, carrying out the following activities: assistance to the management in its relations with the administration, and with reference to: (a) the Independent Administration of State Monopoly (Aams) both on local and central level (participation in tenders for bidding business activity assignment; obtainment of licences by the Government both for Bingo and for AWP ( Amusement With Prizes slot machine); renegotiation for licence agreements; firm transfer or change of premises where such activities are practised; litigation); (b) relations with other administrations, such as the Income Agency. Assistance to the management in the planning and sharing of strategies and documents concerning the relations with retailers in the sales network. Assistance to the technical management in a series of agreements required by the reference rules. Assistance to the management in: (a) the realization of extraordinary transactions; (b) the fulfilment of start-up activities and for the development of firms in new sectors (i.e new games) ( Our assistance concerns: the acquisition of new Bingo halls; (b) the acquisition of the telematic concessionary for AWP administration; the acquisition of firms concerning a third party appointee for the AWP collection; the participation in tenders for the assignment of distribution rights and for the administration of both horse riding betting and sports games in general; (c) many other important activities ( in particular our assistance concerns the solution of problems and the fulfilments of activities connected to corporate, civil and commercial law; the rational and organized administration of judicial and extrajudicial litigation as well as credit collection in order to give the firm an efficient and cheap treatment; the support, the co-ordination and the maximum collaboration on every legal firm’s requirement; the assistance about firm’s banking profiles; the solution of administrative, penal and labour matters by experts; the participation to legal activities for trade associations in Acadi and Ascob). Assistance to the management: (a) for the solving of extrajudicial litigations due to penalties imposed by AAMS; (b) for the planning of extrajudicial litigation due to fiscal assessments notified by AAMS after the inspection and examination of irregularities in the administration of AWP; (c) for the administration of judicial litigation due to sub activities (a) and (b). The subjects of the above-mentioned activities are state representatives for Bingo, for the administration of the telematic system of AWP and of the VLT, for horse riding and sports bettings.


Among gaming activities in general and Bingo in particular we deal with:

Contracts – Legal advice – Extrajudicial litigation – Civil judicial litigation – Administrative extrajudicial litigation – Agreements concerning relationships with appointed lawyers – 80% sharing in legal transactions arranging – Administration of commercial leasings (agreements, files and audit of invoices) – Administration of non resident house leasings (agreements, files and audit of invoices) – Audit of agreements invoices and invoices – Administrative aspects of Bingo halls – Previous situation analysis – Compensation of the patrimony – New fulfilments – Agreements concerning AAMS – Agreements concerning with the local policemen – Agreements with municipalities – Agreements with local health board – Agreements with firemen – Agreements with local professionals – Creation of a licence and authorization file – Judicial litigation.
With reference to the Slot machines sector: a. Administration of legal issues concerning the start-up – b. Contracts: b.1 Agreement for new tradesmen, fiscal profiles, contract profiles for hostile agents – b.2 Agency agreements – b.3 Dealer agreements – b.4 Distribution agreements – b.5 Agreements on skeleton contracts – b.6 Fidejussory contracts – legal advice – Extrajudicial litigation – Civil judicial litigation – Administrative judicial litigation – Agreements concerning relationships with appointed lawyers – 80% sharing in arranging legal transactions – Administration of commercial leasings ( agreements, files and invoice audit) – Administration agreements with tradesmen – Audit of agreements invoices – Agreements concerning legal relationships with concessionaries – Fiscal profiles for bet collection –Negotiations with agents for indirect sale – Agreements for agents and sale – Litigation with agents for indirect sale – Agreements concerning AMS – Fidejussory contracts – Reports on legal matters – Agreements concerning operators ADIA – Judicial litigation.